Godrej Aqua, New Pre-Launch | Homes with Water Security

Rainwater harvesting in Bangalore can provide enough water to the population; much more than what they get from the Cauvery river. Increasing Demand and accelerating dearth of water supply have made its conservation a world-wide survival issue. The need of the hour is to incorporate alternate water sources for daily use. Now, where to get that alternate source of water? The rainwater harvesting in homes, apartments, and flats is the alternative for the most important natural resource on which the entire globe relies on. As Bangalore is IT hub of the nation, apartments and flats are mushrooming all over and giving a continuous boom to the housing sector. While designing apartments builders can carefully invest in Sustainable technologies to provide supplementary water requirement.

Bearing the same in mind, Godrej Aqua the untapped and untouched residential apartments by the renowned Godrej Properties is coming up in Airport Road Hosahalli the prominent area of Bangalore with 100% rainwater harvesting. With the intention to not just build the home, but to put foundation that will overturn or remodel the way water is used in Bangalore, Godrej Properties have sprung up Godrej Aqua Homes that exactly fulfills all your desires with added best-in-class living experience. Also,it is an affordable housing project that not only aims to provide a housing solution to all the aspiring buyers but giving cent percent water security to its residents. It is a home in Bangalore with uninterrupted water supply. The builders have thought a step ahead with whatever they have put their hands to build this property. Godrej Aqua Homes is built to set foot that’s supported by four solid principles - Recharge, Reduce, Recycle and the Water Quality. Thereby affirming that the idea of water adequacy in every home is a truth that’s well within reach. The property has a fully sustainable water management system, Bio Moor for Natural purification process to provide the inmates drinking water straight from the tap.

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